2006: Obtaining ISO9001 , ISO13485 certificates 
2006: Obtaining CE mark 
2007: Inauguration of newly-built factory 
2008: Receive statue of the leading model producer within province 
2008: Receive plaque of honor for leading company 
2009: Receive statue of leading model producer within country from president 
2009: Receive statue of the leading entrepreneur of the year 
2009: Obtaining ISO 10002 certificate 
2009: Obtain the title for first-rank company in hospital bed manufacturing 
2010: Receive statue of the leading entrepreneur of the year 
2010: Receive plaque of honor for leading company 
2012: Acquiring appreciations and statue for TOP BRAND 
2012: Obtaining statue and awards for "National Production, National Honor" festival
2013 : Getting the status of provincial production unit
2014 : Obtaining Premium Entrepreneur plaque
2015: Obtaining Premium Industrial Unit
2017: Obtaining First  RANK  COMPANY  in  the  field  of  after sales services  by  Iran  Ministry  of  Health 
2017:  Obtaining Premium Industrial Unit 
2017: The establishment of the Russian company
2017:  Receive a statue and a decoration from the Ministry of Industries and Mines as a unit of industrial production 
2017: Get a national certificate of consumer rights 
2018: Receiving a Statue and Award of Appreciation as a Sample Entrepreneur 
2018: Receiving Statue and National Certificate of Consumers' Rights