Social Responsibility

Commitment in Social Responsibilities:
Sina regards Social Responsibilities as one of the most important and high- risk responsibilities. The effects of this point of view is evident in the aim followed. 
Social Responsibilities of Sina:
Sina commits himself to devote a part of profits for investment in human resource health, protect children with cancer, develop education & value environment.
Undertaking of Sina regarding social responsibilities:
In line with it's social responsibilities, Sina obliges itself for the following on the basis of inter organizational rules by devoting a part of it's sales profit:
1- Sina is obliged to address the livelihood & healt of the staff.
2- Sina is committed to develop educational fields the country.  
3- Sina is committed to help children with cancer and kidney patients.
4- Sinai is committed to perform non- vulnerable behaviour on the environment and strive as much as possible in developing beautifying the environment.
Actions performed in this field:
- Construction of a number of schools in East Azerbaijan & Fars provinces.
- Financial support of karaj kahrizak rest home.
- Membership in charity association of kidney patients in East Azarbaijan.
- Publishing a book on in forming about the conditions of the children with cancer.
- Group membership in support of the children with cancer.
- Accompanying. Mahak institute in informing the public.
- Commitment to provide apart of annual needs of hospital hoteling equipment of Mahak.
- emphasizing health care of the staff and performing screening tests.
- emphasizing the oral health of the staff & their families.
- importance of economic affair of the staff.