Product introduction
As one of the most widely used hospital equipment, S1200 stretchers is a perfect choice for the quick and reliable transfer of patients in different wards .This product is very strength and has fixed mattresses, folding side rails on both sides, wheels and transport handle and individual locks with mechanical jack for smooth backrest position. Washable and disinfect able capability, the ability to install different accessories and options exercised on a stretcher is an important feature.

Technical Specifications

- Mattress platform is two section, one cranks.
-Mattress made of compressed foam with 60mm thickness
- Backrest adjustment is manually with one foldable jack system.
- folding side rails.
- Washable and disinfect able.
- Air flow capability under the mattress.
- Four castors with two independent brakes.
- Four rubber bumpers in each corner.
-IV stand holder in each corner.
- Stretcher transferring handle.
-Oxygen cylinder holder
- Patient file holder

- Over all: 2050 × 750 × 800mm
-Matters platform: 1950 × 630mm
- Back rest angle: 0-80
-Castors: 125mm
-Max load: 250 kg.


- IV stand
- Urine bag holder


ISO 13485