Keeping our product design focused on key needs ensures a practical, economical and user-friendly platform. Atria is a new mechanical hospital bed with a unique design. This product life time is more than 15 years, the strength of this product, as one of its features, have always been taken into consideration of users and customers of it. Sina experts in the design and manufacture of parts for this product have noticed to the feedback and constructive criticism of users, as well as after-sale


Patient transports does not just affect patients_ affect medical staff, sina we recognize that job-related injuries are a major concern. That is why we have developed mobility solutions that help reduce strength. Regardless of the model, our structure offer simplified steering and turning easier start-up effort. Stra is a new product in stretchers group. Stra s remarkable design is based on being user friendly and high safety for users.


We are a company that draws on a heritage of more than 40 years in the field of medical equipment since 1971.Today, we are aggressively investing to ensure our customers that we are well positioned not only for using the newest technology, experienced staff, innovation and the art of creativity but also special features of our products based on patients and caregivers demands. Sina takes responsibility for being the high quality manufacture based on standards and services; that create cost-eff