Sina experts noticed to the feedbacks and constructive criticism of users as well as aftersales services experts several years accumulative experiences of periodic reviews and the universal standards in the design and manufacturing of Atria’s components. Finally, it was produced in Sina factory after various tests such as full load test in factory site quality control laboratory. The material used for production of the especially designed platform Two- ply has created a very smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The capacity to tolerate overweight, possibility of airflow and being shatterproof can be considered as advantages of this product.

This kind of bed helps to keep the state of a natural childbirth as healthy as possible. This multifunctional bed due to it's special transformational characteristics provides comfort feeling for pregnant women’s before, during and after delivery. The mother is admitted to the same bed throughout the delivery and early days after childbirth. In this way, many of the problems and discomforts caused by the transfer of mother to stretcher or labor table are resolved.

Scala group beds which are getting used in the intensive care unit respond to the various needs of caregivers, patients and healthcare facilities and are designed to help nurses in managing patient safety, comfort positioning and transporting.

Patient transport does not affect patients only; it also affects medical staff. We noticed that job -related injuries are a major concern at medical facilities, that is why we have developed mobility solutions. Stra’s remarkable design is based on being user friendly and high safety for users. Regardless of its model, the structure of the stretcher offers simplified steering, turning and also made start up effort easier.

The basic requirement for therapy and treatment of newborns, and in particular the ones with Low Birth Weight, is to have a temperature-controlled environment. To achieve this goal there are currently many methods which require usage of various devices, among which the most common, other than incubators, are the Infant Warmers. That is to say, open incubators with infrared radiant heating. These are most often used in delivery rooms and in intensive therapy centers. This system, which allows fast and easy access to the newborn, is the most used and efficient method for maintaining both the baby’s body and the bed at an ideal temperature.

Pedia, suitable for children. Considering children's psychological needs during the treatment, this bed is designed to provide more confidence and comfort for them, nurses as well. Sideboard slides under the bed while it swings down and allows nurses to be closer to patients. Locking system for sideboards is very safe, and it has special pedal, located above castors. For this reason, locking system is not accessible for the child. Bumpers are "Triple Rollers" to maximize the shock absorption.

Hospina group, including beds that are mainly used in the Dialysis and Plasma, help caregivers to provide effective care to the patients and are designed specially to maximize their comfort. This group of beds can be adjusted electrically as a bed like coach or a comfortable chair, for covering less space than a conventional hospital bed.

In order to equip hospital rooms with beautiful beds and also create a comfortable atmosphere for patient and their caregivers we try to update all our products with modern technology and present new versions. For this reason, at Sina’s R&D department new version of recliner which is called ASA, has been designed. This comfortable and elegant product provides fashionable style and cozy corner for nurses and patient's rooms.

Bedside cabinets produced by Sina provide convenient storage within easy reach. Built for the specific needs of healthcare users, the bedside cabinets perform equally well in medical, surgical or long-term care environments. Over bed tables feature a low-profile design that accommodate most of today's hospital beds. The rounded corners and limited exposed parts ease cleaning and maintenance of the table to meet infection control protocols. A hospital bed mattress is designed to provide patient comfort and also should be flexible to bend with adjusting head and foot section of a hospital bed. Choosing the right mattress is one of the important factors of enhancing comfort and restful sleep.

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