About us


Today, ever developing proceeding of science and technology and medical knowledge with the aim of meeting the demands and needs of human to achieve experience and knowledge, has caused the medicine science to come in line with medical equipment so that these two, are complements and could develop, in accompany of each other. Meanwhile, high importance of providing medical services for comfort of patients in most societies has highlighted the role of medical equipment.



As the most widely used medical instrument and because of direct contract of the operators with hospital beds, this equipment are of special importance & has highlighted role in providing satisfaction and comfort to patients and medical staff. Endurance, strength and ease of application are outstanding features of these instruments. Given that hospital beds are included in the category of hospital hoteling, "beauty" is of special importance and, of course, in this modern world, the combination of art & technology, is a strategy which will cause improvement and manufacturing of products that not only will satisfy the consumer's needs in terms of efficiency, longevity and quality, but also psychologically and aesthetically. Sina has based his mission on this. In his mind introduction of a beautiful and innovative product will finally grant the beauty of hospital’s cold and stressful environment.


we are aggressively investing to ensure our customers that we are well positioned not only for using the newest technology, experienced staff, innovation and the art of creativity but also special features of our products based on patients and caregiver’s demands.


Mr. Hamdollah Ghazanfari founder of Sina group of companies, started his activity in the field of medical equipment since 1971, with the name of Sina Metal Industries. Today after 40 years and with the name of Sina Hamd Aria, which is a private joint stock company that produces hospital hoteling equipment and mainly hospital beds, in the area over 15000 m2. Sina owns more than 30% of market share and is the leading supplier.


Sina unique system of management is lead by participatory management and expert forces
Sina participatory management system is based on establishing teams of strategic councils of quality and collaborative teams of scope & brand which are guided by indirect supervision of the board of directors

Strategic council: 

Composed of middle-rank and senior managers with the aim of leading and fulfilling predetermined strategies.

Collaborative & brand teams: 

Consist of creative & idea- generating members for matters related to partnership in order to reduce costs, submit policies and manage Sina brand.

Scope Team::

It is for market research and monitoring and customer relationship management and consists of sales experts and senior management.

Quality team: 

Consists of representatives of manufacturing, engineering, quality control, sales and after sales services, with the aim of supervising and monitoring the quality of products, packaging, handling complaints and comments of customers in groups.


Sina's commitments

Today, the commitment category is mixed with the flesh and blood of every Sina family and they develop their activities in order to realize and sustain in this field.
Sina company is committed with the Sina slogan and in line with its short and long term strategic goals, as well as complying with the commitment in the field of quality, after-sales service, design, respect for consumers' rights and social responsibilities, the most effective indicator and guaranteeing the longevity of Sina as a leading brand. Knows.

Commitment in design:

The continuous changes and development of technology, as well as the prioritization of the needs and demands of customers, commits Sina to design and innovation in line with its mission, which is the first basis of Sina's policies and strategies.

Commitment to quality:

In all stages of production, from the preparation of raw materials, design to the final product, the main approach and direction is to maintain quality and conform to global standards in line with the complete satisfaction of customers and users of Sina products.

Obligation to comply with the rights of consumers:

Supporting hygiene, health and safety, financial benefits and, in fact, the cost-effectiveness of manufactured products, as well as the education of Sina consumers in complying with this is important and we respect it.

Commitment in after-sales service:

The belief that sales is only the first job and the main role of Sina after that is the reason why after-sales service is very important to reach the stage from which we have high quality services in line with Sina's mission. Another basis of Sina's systems and strategies is called transformation

Commitment to social duties:

Sina company considers its social responsibilities as one of its serious and important organizational duties towards the society, and the direct impact of the effects of this thinking in the direction of the goals of social responsibilities can be seen on the big Sina family.

Sina's mission

We help improve the treatment and beauty of the hospital by providing a comfortable and high-performance bed for the patient.

Sina's landscape

We are a company that draws on a heritage of more than 50 years in the field of medical equipment since 1971. Today, we attempt intensively to ensure our customers that we are well-positioned not only for using the latest technology, experienced staff, innovation and the art of creativity but also because of our products special features based on patients and caregiver's demands. Sina takes responsibility for being the high quality manufacturer based on standards and services; that creates cost-effective solutions and improves people's lives, which we achieve through the Participation from the factory floor to the executive suite.

Organizational values in Sina

One of the factors of the survival and durability of an organization is the observance of behavioral and ethical values in that organization, which are compiled in Sina Hamd Aria Company as follows:
- Compliance with all relevant national laws and organizational regulations
- Trying to achieve the goals of the organization
- Honoring the customer and honoring its position
- Relying on the right of one's performance and not depending on and needing financial, government and other people's assistance
- Continuous training and learning to observe and maintain occupational health
- Honesty in speech and compliance with the principle of confidentiality
- Observance of courtesy and decency in communication with colleagues, suppliers and customers
- Prioritizing the interests of the organization over personal interests, by being present in any job position and at any time needed
-The organization expects that each and every one of its people will include the above values in their code of ethics and help in bringing Sina Hamd Aria company to a successful future. It is clear that the organization will not make any exception for anyone and everyone will have the same responsibility for the implementation and observance of the values.
-If there is ever a conflict between individual performance and value, the organization will choose the value

Sina's quality policy

In Sina, "quality" is the foundation of customer relationship management and scouting in target markets.
Continuous improvement, increasing the motivation of personnel, eliminating redundant processes, complying with standards, reducing waste, error-free production will help us improve quality.

We evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system by measuring customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and financial achievements

Each one of us is responsible and committed in "improving quality" and "achieving organizational goals".

"MAHAK" group membership

Sina considers itself committed to considering a part of its profits for investing in the health of its human resources and supporting children with cancer, as well as developing education and importance to the environment in the country. In this regard, by joining a group in the plan ' what can be done with a thousand tomans ' the "Mahak" charity organization for supporting children with cancer has taken a step towards advancing the obligations of its social duties.


Sina considers itself committed to considering a part of its profits for investing in the health of its human resources and protecting children with cancer, as well as developing education and importance to the environment in the country. Sina company is responsible and committed to its social duties It knows the development of the country's educational space, for this purpose, during the past 7 years, it has allocated a part of the company's net profit to the development of the country's educational space, especially in East Azarbaijan province.