Our product design focuses on key needs, ensuring a cost-effective and user-friendly product. Atria, a hospital bed with a unique design as the strength of this product, has always been the focus of users and customers.

Atria series beds

The material used to produce the flat bed with a special two-layer design has created a very smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfection. The high weight bearing capacity, the possibility of air flow and being unbreakable can be considered as the advantages of this product.

Hospital Bed
  • Mattress platform is four section, three of them adjustable. Covered with integrated plastic Two - ply surface
  • Airflow capability under the mattress
  • Backrest, knee raise and Hi - Low adjustments are electrically
  • Foot section is adjustable by means of telescopic bracket
  • Plastofold collapsible siderails with metal chassis inside
  • It has a resistant P.P. sideboard joint
  • Three-functional positioning wired handset
  • Detachable head and foot boards with metal connection and suitable ergonomic style for easy handling
  • Washable and disinfectable
  • CPR handle on both sides for flattening backrest rapidly
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • Four rubber bumpers at corners
  • IV stand holder at each corner
  • Traction holder
  • Urine bag holder at both side
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
Atria A combination of beauty and strength
Bronze statue holder

Mattress platform 2000 x 900 (mm)
Bed net weight 110 Kg
Safe working load capacity 170 Kg
Castors 125 (mm) diameter
Backrest angle 0º - 80º
Overall 2330 x 1030 (mm)

back angle 0O
Maximum load capacity 170 KG
Increase air flow
Impact resistant
Unique Design
For the Beauty of Hospitals

Although thick sheets and profiles are used in the construction of Atria At the same time, the movement threshold is lower than the international standards due to the use of high-quality mobile wheels

The use of double-layer inflatable insoles made of polyethylene makes you feel at ease about breaking and rotting and gives you the possibility of easy washing and disinfection in the long term.

Smooth Surface for
Easy to clean and disinfect
The result of several years of experience of Sina engineers based on customer feedback and after-sales services for the beautification of hospitals Use of polyamide in plastofolds and side joints for gloss and high resistance

Sina experts have paid attention to feedbacks and criticisms of users as well as the accumulated experience of many years of after-sales service experts, periodical reviews and global standards in the design and manufacture of Atria parts and finally in Sina factory after various tests including full load test They have reached the production stage in the quality control laboratory of the factory. This group includes mechanical and electric three-bed beds and can be used in different hospital departments. This group is Bed with three electric motors which has three electric motors that are used to adjust the height, adjust the backrest and adjust the knee, a manual handpiece is included to change the position. Hospital bed Atria series It has a side board to protect the safety of the patient. Two-motor electric beds that have two motors are used to adjust the backrest and knee, and a manual handle is used for positioning. Another bed of the Atria group is a three-bed mechanical bed, where the position of the back and knees is adjusted by random mechanical jacks. In this group, a pair of badsides are included on the sides of the bed to maintain the safety of the patient. Special mechanical bed which is used in the special departments of the hospital, it has three breakers and the trend and reverse trend positions are verified by the Herzgerd mechanical jack. In this bed, the side boards used are four plastic pieces. The main problems that medical centers face with inpatient beds are the broken bottoms of hospital beds, and the second case is the broken head of the beds, and the third case is the failure of lifting jacks, and finally the joints of the bad sides, which mostly break. We in this group of For the beds, we used air-resistant bottoms. In the lifting part of the beds to increase the useful life of the beds, a waste system is used, and in the head part of the beds, we have used plastic headboards with a metal base to maintain strength. The wheels of this bed series of Sina Hamdaria company are made of polyurethane and are produced by Doraj Hamdaria company, which can be moved for hours on the asphalt without the slightest damage or deformation. This group of beds is produced and marketed in Sina Hamdaria company with more than 50 years of history, so that thousands of beds are sold all over the world every year.