Stra 4143.1

Patient transport does not affect patients only; it also affects medical staff. We noticed that job -related injuries are a major concern at medical facilities, that is why we have developed mobility solutions. Stra’s remarkable design is based on being user friendly and high safety for users. Regardless of its model, the structure of the stretcher offers simplified steering, turning and also made start up effort easier.


Mattress platform is two section, head section is adjustable

Detachable, antistatic mattress with foam of 70(mm) thickness and artificial washable leather cover

Base material 40*40 ST37 و 25*25 ST37

Hi - Low, Trend/Rev. Trend adjustments are possible by two hydraulic column jacks

Collapsible siderails

Hi–Low 660 - 980 (mm) without Mattress

Backrest adjustment by gas spring

Washable and disinfectable

Electrostatic powder coating

Four castors with central/directional brakes and pedals available at head and foot end

Four rubber bumpers at corners

Protection guard for siderails at both sides

IV stand holder at each corner

Patient file holder

Base and columns are protected with cover.

Oxygen cylinder holder imbedded in the base cover of stretcher

Urine bag holder at both sides

Security belt for protecting patient during transport


Overall 2000 x 754 (mm)

Mattress platform 1840 x 630 (mm)

Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º

Hi–Low 660 - 980 (mm) without Mattress

Backrest angle 0º - 90º

Castors 200 (mm) diameter

Max. load capacity 250 Kg

Bed net weight 112 Kg

Safe working load capacity 170 Kg


ISO 9001

ISO 13485

EN ISO 14971

EN ISO 15223-1



IV stand

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