Patient transport does not affect patients only; it also affects medical staff. We noticed that job -related injuries are a major concern at medical facilities, that is why we have developed mobility solutions. Stra’s remarkable design is based on being user friendly and high safety for users. Regardless of its model, the structure of the stretcher offers simplified steering, turning and also made start up effort easier.

Stretchers Stra Series

The special and distinctive design of Astra is based on easy and comfortable use and the feeling of creating more security for users. An important factor in the design of any stretcher, regardless of its model and design, is the ease of all-round movement in turning and changing the direction of easy access to functions.

Stretchers Stra Series
  • Mattress platform is two section, head section is adjustable
  • Detachable, antistatic mattress with foam of 70(mm) thickness and artificial washable leather cover
  • Hi - Low, Trend/Rev. Trend adjustments are possible by two hydraulic column jacks
  • Bilateral pedal for Trend/Rev. Trend and Hi - Low adjustments
  • Collapsible siderails
  • Backrest adjustment by gas spring
  • Foldable push handles
  • Patient file holder
  • Security belt for protecting patient during transport
  • Base and columns are protected with cover
  • Washable and disinfectable
  • Four castors with central/directional brakes and pedals available at head and foot end
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • IV stand holder at each corner
  • Four rubber bumpers at corners
  • Protection guard for siderails at both sides
  • Oxygen cylinder holder imbedded in the base cover of stretcher
  • Urine bag holder at both sides
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
Stra Beauty, comfort, confidence Both the patient and the nurse
Folding carrying handles

Overall 2000 x 754 (mm)
Mattress platform 1840 x 630 (mm)
Hi–Low 660 - 980 (mm) without Mattress
Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º
Castors 200 (mm) diameter
Stretcher net weight 112 Kg
Safe working load capacity 170 Kg

back angle 0O
Maximum load capacity 170 KG
User friendly side lock mechanis
Side protectors on the sides
Unique Design
In world class

Adjusting the height of the stretcher by using two powerful column jacks that allow the nurse to tilt the trend and reverse the trend.

200 mm central locking wheels used in Stra stretchers allow the nurse to carry the patient as easily as possible.

Central locking wheels Safer and easier to carry
Experiences from several years of reviews and international benchmarks Produced in Sina company after various tests at the company's quality control center site

Carrying patients inside the hospital from one room to another for taking pictures or performing surgery or hospitalization is one of the most important concerns of nurses; Of course, some patient stretchers with special wheels can be used in earthquake or flood and war zones. Officials of medical equipment in hospitals are always in Buy stretcher Some points are considered based on the needs of the hospital, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Height adjustable
  • Backrest angle
  • Smooth wheels with central locking
  • Stretcher width and length
  • Radiographic capability
  • Overall strength
  • Sideboards
  • Carrying and traction handles
  • Washable and disinfectable

At Sina Hamd Aria Company, after years of experience and research, the specialists of the product design unit designed and introduced the Stra product as a stretcher for carrying patients, which, in addition to beauty, has the latest technology and the standards defined for this type of stretcher of above strength. It is extremely high and has a unique balance when moving. The aluminum sides of the Stra stretcher with a simple and smooth mechanism allow the nurse to open and close the side as quickly as possible. The 200 mm imported central locking wheels, in addition to the low movement threshold, are very smooth and help the nurse to carry the patient as easily as possible. The wheels have three modes: free, direction lock and full lock, which can be selected using the pedal built in the stretcher. In the direction lock mode, the wheels do not rotate to the left and right and prevent the stretcher from drifting in different directions. And the stretcher continues to move in a straight line.

The use of column jacks made in Turkey gives the ability to adjust the height of the stretcher with a maximum of 250 kg of patient weight, and the trend angle and reverse trend can be easily adjusted with these jacks. Also, high-quality dust collectors are used to protect the above hydraulic jacks so that the lifespan of the jacks increases significantly. In addition to beauty, side guards made of red PVC protect the stretcher from all blows from the sides, and also the walls of different departments of the hospital are not damaged by the impact of the stretcher. In addition, shock absorbers are installed in all four corners of the stretcher to minimize impact damage.

The ABS cover designed for this series of stretchers is both beautiful and has the ability to place an oxygen capsule, which is secured with the help of a belt so that it does not fall on the ground during transfers and does not cause possible injuries. using Leather covered mattresses And cold foam, in addition to the comfort of the patient, can be washed many times and disinfecting them is easy and effortless. The built-in belt to secure the patient is one of the requirements registered by the standard organization for stretchers, which is met in the Stra series stretchers. Collapsible carrying handles made of chrome-plated metal, with PVC covers to prevent nurses' hands from slipping, and folds under the stretcher after work is completed. In some models of the Stra series, X-ray capability has been created along the entire length of the bed, which is very useful for patients who need to take pictures of different parts of their body.