Safety and comfort of patients

Scala series beds are used in intensive care units. The system of these beds is designed to meet the needs of nurses, patients, easy to use and create a sense of security and comfort for patients when changing positions and moving. Today, nurses are facing many challenges compared to the past, for this reason and in order to meet the basic needs of patients, Sina Company has brought Scala Group beds to the field of design and production.

Scala CCU ICU beds

The unique features of these beds are providing more choice for users and nurses based on their needs. scala group beds can meet the needs of users in difficult treatment periods and manage difficult conditions in special care units. The beds of this group directly and effectively play a significant role in facilitating the nursing care of patients in special care units. One of the important features of these beds is the design for the ease of obtaining the desired positions, easy moving in the bed, and also reducing the risk of injury or falling from the bed, equipping electric control panels to ensure the position by the nurse and the patient. Another feature of this bed is the possibility of proper positioning by electric control panels for the nurse and the patient separately.

Special care bed
  • Mattress platform is four section, three of them adjustable. Covered with integrated plastic Two - ply surface
  • Airflow capability under the mattress
  • Backrest, knee raise, Hi - Low and Trend/Rev. Trend adjustments are electrically
  • Backrest section is radiolucent with a cassette holder.
  • Four tuck away plastic sideboards
  • Angle indicator for backrest
  • Detachable head/foot boards
  • Washable and disinfectable
  • CPR handle at both sides for flattening back rest rapidly
  • Electrical CPR is available for flattening bed rapidly.
  • Foot section is adjustable by means of telescopic bracket.
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • four central locking wheels and direction
  • Four rubber bumpers at corners
  • Backup battery
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
Scala Combination of Beauty and modern technology
Butterfly sideboards
With aluminum mechanism

Mattress platform 2000 x 754 (mm)
Overall 2300 x 1100 (mm)
Hi–Low 800 - 530 (mm) without Mattress
Backrest angle 0º - 90º
Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º
Castors 150 (mm) diameter
Bed net weight 155 kg
Safe working load capacity 170 Kg

back angle 0O
Maximum load capacity 170 KG
Side locking mechanism
Aluminum with gas jack
Powerful electric motors
With IP66 standard

The possibility of locking the position and electric CPR is one of the capabilities of these products, which are designed and produced for the comfort of the patient and quick control of the patient by the nurse.

150 mm central locking wheels used in Scala beds allow the nurse to move the patient more easily.

Ability to choose manual or control panel on the side
Experiences from several years of reviews and international benchmarks Produced in Sina company after various tests at the company's quality control center site

Hospital special care beds (ICU, CCU) because they are used to care for sick patients, they must have high standards in terms of efficiency, strength and performance, that's why the experts and designers of Sina Hamdaria company in designing beds Special care with Scala brand have used all their efforts to provide safety, comfort for patients and ease of use for nurses to design a perfect product with great performance. Sina Hamdaria company offers its customers the option of choosing two types of folding and butterfly sides Intensive care unit beds provided, if you choose the folding side, you can change the positions and fold the beds with the help of a handheld device installed on the bed, and if the selected side is a butterfly type, you can use the control panels on the sides. Also, in all beds, you can choose the nurse's control panel that can be installed on the head of the bed.

The electric system used in the Scala series beds is imported and selected from the best foreign brands, which can be washed and disinfected, and give the nurses the ability to adjust the height and change the position up to a maximum of 250 kg. The reinforced base and resistant connections made of thick iron sheets and profiles covered with electrostatic paint prevent any vibration during position change so that the patient is not given the least amount of shock. In this type of bed, Senia company has used double-layered inflatable mattress, which can be easily and quickly washed and disinfected, made of polyethylene, and with its lifetime guarantee, it gives customers complete assurance of their quality.

All beds of the Scala series are capable of radiography from the waist up, and patients can be photographed on these beds without moving. Wheels used in Hospital intensive care bed They are of the type of central lock with a diameter of 150 mm, which, in addition to comfort and beauty, have high strength. The pedals installed on both sides of the bed allow the nurse or patient's companion to choose three free modes, direction lock and central lock. Use them to move the bed, in the locked mode, the bed moves only in a straight line and does not deviate to the sides. The CPR handle installed on the bed allows the doctor or nurse to prepare the bed and the patient for CPR when necessary.