The new maternity bed designed in Sina Design Unit provides comfort for the mother and nurse during childbirth with practical features. Available accessories and options increase the mother's comfort and safety during natural childbirth.

Castia Delivery bed

This model of beds to a large extent keeps the situation of natural childbirth healthy and safe. This multifunctional bed with special and practical features provides comfort for pregnant women before, during and after childbirth. This model of maternity beds with the ability to be converted into a bed provides this comfort for the mother until after Childbirth rests on the bed without moving and prevents possible injuries during moving or changing the bed.

Delivery bed
  • Backrest, knee raise, Hi - Low and Trend/Rev. Trend adjustments are electrically
  • Backrest, Hi - Low and Trend/ Rev. Trend adjustments are electrically
  • Two plastic tuck away sideboards
  • Three - functional positioning wired handset
  • Leg section can be slided under backrest for lithotomic positions.
  • Telescopic section for transformation to delivery and labor bed
  • Two sliding lithotomic positions made of SS grade 304 (11 positions), calf supports covered with artificial leather
  • Pull out and removable stainless-steel bowl (10 liters) on roller rails
  • Squat bar
  • Foldable hand grip on both sides
  • Detachable head/foot boards
  • Washable and disinfectable
  • Three section detachable mattress with washable artificial leather cover
  • four central locking wheels and direction
  • Four rubber bumpers at corners
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
Castia Usability Before, during, after Childbirth
Completely steel

Mattress platform 2000 x 754 (mm)
Main power supply 220V - 50 Hz, 24 DC
Electrical current protection Class2
Electrical shock position Type B
Dust proof and water resistant IP66
Hi–Low 695 – 885 (mm) without mattress
Overall 2340 x 1000 (mm)
Castors 150 (mm) diameter
Bed net weight: 192 Kg

back angle 0O
Maximum load capacity 170 KG
Use pressure levers
And a single rod for ease of delivery
Powerful electric motors
With IP66 standard

The auxiliary rail step installed in the front part of the bed helps the doctor or the patient to use the bed

A special place for placing accessories in case of need to change the use and the central lock pedal located in the middle of the bed are always available to the nurses.

Changing the position electrically and with the help of a manual handle
Experiences from several years of reviews and international benchmarks Produced in Sina company after various tests at the company's quality control center site

Natural delivery bed or LDR (labor, delivery, and recovery room) refers to the beds on which the mother prepares before, during, and after childbirth, as well as the natural process of childbirth, and then recovers. After the operation, he spends on the bed. To complete its product portfolio, Sina Hamdaria Company has designed and produced one of the most equipped natural childbirth beds in the country by its capable experts. In natural childbirth beds, one of the most important characteristics is the stability of the bed during childbirth, which should not cause the least amount of movement and vibration due to the pressure exerted on the bed by the mother. Hospital Bed Due to the special design and the use of profiles and thick sheets, the Castia series has minimized the amount of vibration.

The use of powerful electric motors with high international standards allows nurses and doctors to achieve different positions and raise and lower the height of the bed at will with the help of a handheld device designed and produced by domestic specialists, because Natural childbirth beds are washed multiple times, the electric set and all other parts of the bed are resistant to washing and disinfection and there are no obstacles. Pressure handles and a single bar are among the features of this bed, which help the mother in natural childbirth.

mattress Like other products of the company, the beds used in the Castia series are completely washable and disinfectable synthetic leather, which can be chosen in different colors and suitable for the hospital environment. Imported 150 mm central locking wheels are used in this type of bed as well as the Scala series, which in addition to the appropriate movement threshold and beautiful appearance are also of high resistance. All-steel lithotomy with the ability to obtain many positions has been one of the most distinctive features of Castia series beds compared to domestic competitors.

The doctor-patient auxiliary step is an excellent solution to help the mother sit on the bed and bring the doctor as close as possible to the mother for natural childbirth. Steel pelvis with high capacity to collect the fluids flowing from the amniotic sac during childbirth is one of the essentials used in the Castia bed. The ABS covers used in the five sections of the Castia bed give a double beauty to the maternity bed manufactured by Sina Hamdaria Company.