Pedia, suitable for children. Considering the psychological needs of children during treatment, this bed is designed to create more confidence and comfort for them and the nurses as well. Moving side rails under the bed allows nurses to get closer to patients.

Pedia children's beds

The locking system for the side rails is very secure and has a special pedal located on top of the wheel. For this reason, locking the system is not available for the child. The side bumpers are roller shaped to maximize prevention.

Children's bed
  • Mattress platform is two section with integrated metal surface, strengthened chassis and air flow capability under the matress
  • possible to change the angle of the back with the help of a gas jack
  • Changing the angle of the knee using automatic gear
  • Vertical movement of the side rails with three different modes to protect the child
  • Fixed aluminum head and foot boards
  • Washable and disinfectable
  • Four swivel metal castors with cross brake
  • IV stand holder at each corner
  • Four rubber bumpers at corners
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
PEDIA In suitable colors for Children's medical centers
Putting a smile on the lips of sick children
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Overall 1770 x 955 x 1630 (mm)
Matters platform 1480 x 720 (mm)
Height 780 (mm) without mattress
Knee raise 0° – 35°
Castors 125 (mm) diameter
Bed net weight 135 kg
Safe working load capacity 170 Kg

back angle 0O
Maximum load capacity 170 KG
Unique bumpers
Designed specifically for Pedia
Folding aluminum sides
Easy and safe to use

The ability to install headrests in the four corners of the bed allows nurses to quickly access, and the shock absorbers installed in the front and back of the bed protect the bed from impacts caused by moving the bed.

Movable headboards have made it easier for the nurse or mother to access the child

High quality wheels
Unique folding system to minimize the distance between nurse and child Metal and resistant soles minimize injuries

Children's bed pedia series is usually used in pediatric wards of medical centers and for keeping children at home so that children are safe while sleeping. Children's beds, or pediatric beds of the Pedia series, have high standards in terms of efficiency, strength and performance. In the design of this product, the experts and designers of Sina Hamdaria company identified all the safety aspects that may cause danger to children's health and included all the necessary points in their design so that the child is safe from harm caused by mischief. The sideboards of the Pedia series children's beds are made of light convergent aluminum, which can be adjusted in 4 points with a two-point control system. The position adjustment of siderails and headboards of Pedia series is by pedal mechanism and gas jack. Pedia series children's beds have 4 headrests in the four corners of the bed to be a good help for the nurse and the comfort of children. Other features of this product include sliding headboard and fixed aluminum bed base, electrostatic powder paint, single lock 125 mm wheels, and three-way rotating bumpers in the four corners of the bed.

 The series of children's beds can bear weight up to 200 kg and bear the maximum weight of the patient up to 170 kg, and this product also has an IPX4 degree of protection against liquids. Children's beds The Pedia series is designed and manufactured based on global standards, which has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISIRI 3368-2-52, IEC60601-2-52 and EN15223-1 standards.