Hospina H3140

Hospina group, including beds that are mainly used in the Dialysis and Plasma, help caregivers to provide effective care to the patients and are designed specially to maximize their comfort. This group of beds can be adjusted electrically as a bed like coach or a comfortable chair, for covering less space than a conventional hospital bed.


Apgar timer (1-5-10 min)

Mattress platform is three section, two of them adjustable

Detachable three section mattress made of 70mm thickness foam and artificial washable leather cover

The sole is made of sheet metal

Backrest, knee raise, Rev. Trend and Hi-low adjustments are electrically

Four- functional positioning wired handset

Arm rest height is fixed.

Arm rest left - right movement is accessible through knob

CPR handle at both sides for flattening backrest rapidly

Extendable Foot section (120 mm)

ABS cover for protecting electrical set

Washable and disinfectable

Four castors with central/directional brakes

Electrostatic powder coating

Backup battery

Main power supply 220V - 50 Hz, 24 DC

Max. power input 500 watt

Electrical shock position Type B

Electrical current protection Class2

Duty cycle

Dust proof and water resistant IP66

IV stand holder at each top corner

Paper roler


Hi–Low 580 - 860 (mm) without mattress

Length (in chair position) 1840 (mm)

Width (including arms) 950 (mm)

Length (in bed position) 2070 (mm)

Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º

Backrest angle 0º - 80º

Foot rest angle 0º - 60º

Max. load capacity 250 Kg

Safe working load capacity 170 Kg

Chair net weight 106 Kg


ISO 9001

ISO 13485

IEC 60601-1

EN ISO 14971

EN ISO 15223-1



IV stand

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