Lyona newborn resuscitation bed

The basic requirement for therapy and treatment of newborns, and in particular the ones with Low Birth Weight, is to have a temperature-controlled environment. To achieve this goal there are currently many methods which require usage of various devices, among which the most common, other than incubators, are the Infant Warmers. That is to say, open incubators with infrared radiant heating. These are most often used in delivery rooms and in intensive therapy centers. This system, which allows fast and easy access to the newborn, is the most used and efficient method for maintaining both the baby’s body and the bed at an ideal temperature.

Newborn resuscitation bed
  • Apgar timer (1-5-10 min)
  • Phototherapy duration timer
  • Electric controller with three modes: prewarm - manual - baby
  • Skin sensor to control the baby's body temperature in baby mod e
  • Easy access to the new born through the rotating capability of warmer to both sides
  • Cooling fan installed inside the warmer section for air conditioning
  • Two ceramic heaters to warm the bed and baby
  • Warmer guard to prevent the hand entry to the heater compartment
  • Protective foam to prevent damage to the user's head
  • X- Ray permeable mattress
  • Butterfly shields and gauges on both sides with polyamide plastic holders
  • Five failure alarms: over temperature, power failure, setting, checking and H/L
  • Holding handle in the main column for easy movement and install required accessories
  • Stand on both sides of the device to place the monitor and pulse oximeter
  • Trend/Rev.Trend, adjustment by means of gas spring
  • Tray for holding baby items on the base
  • Electrostatic powder coating
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
Lyona ABS covers Warmer and bed
Polycarbonate shields
Shiny and included

Mattress platform 2000 x 754 (mm)
Overall 1200 x 1060 x 1790 (mm)
Heater height up to mattress 750mm ± 10mm
Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º
Accuracy of skin temperature sensor ± 0.1˚ C
Angle of warmer module 0°, 30°, 60°, 90° for two ways
Safe working load capacity 10 Kg

Temperature control of the baby 34.5O
Maximum load capacity 0 KG
Two capsules and
Place the monitor
beautiful design
and eye-catching

Four plastic swivel castors with 2 independent brakes in the front

Two oxygen cylinder holders

Electric controller with three modes: prewarm - manual - baby
Separate warnings to inform the nurse The ability to rotate the warmer part makes it easier for the nurse and doctor to access the baby

place of use Newborn resuscitation bed It is in the operating room or the neonatal ward and is used only for newborns. The most basic part of this bed is the warmer part. totality Lyona's resuscitation bed It is divided into two parts, electrical and mechanical, which electrical part includes: heater, phototherapy light or examination light and device counter panel.

The mechanical part of this bed, which can be used by doctors and nurses, are: The general structure of the bed and the design model of this Livona resuscitation bed are taken from other products of Sina Hamdaria company, and the bed structure or the cut of the bed parts are almost similar to other beds of this bed. is a collection. If we want to look at the Leona baby resuscitation bed in a practical way, the mobility head warmer of this bed can be a significant option for this bed, which has the ability to rotate 180 degrees to both sides, due to the wires used inside the head and preventing If these wires are damaged or cut, it is not possible to rotate the head 360 degrees, but you can easily rotate it 180 degrees to both sides. The bed part of this bed can be easily adjusted up to 10 positive and negative degrees by using the lever that is installed at the bottom of the bed. The sides of this bed can be separated so that the nurse or doctor can easily access the baby. The mattress of this bed is designed in such a way that it has the capability of radiography, after turning the head warmer, the radiography machine is placed on top of the bed and the radiography operation is performed. In the mechanical part, two stands have been designed that can be used for any purpose, which are mostly used for keeping the monitor, which can bear up to 20 kg in terms of weight tolerance of each stand. The serum base can also be added to both sides of the head. On the back of the bed, two places for oxygen are designed so that, if needed, oxygen capsules can be installed on them.

In the first electrical part, there are the bed on/off buttons, which are installed on the back of the bed. A back-up battery is used inside the bed so that in case of power failure, the power alarm sounds and informs the nurse. At first, when turning on the device, all the lights on the bed are turned on so that the user can make sure that all the lights are healthy. The electric part of the bed is designed in three modes: Prewarm, Manual and Baby. After turning on the bed, the Prewarm mode is activated, which is only for preparing the bed for keeping the baby. If the bed is cold, it warms the bed in a short period of time. . The next mode is the manual mode, in this mode the nurse or user can only select or change the power of the heater manually from zero percent to one hundred percent in ten percent intervals that the heater works with a few percent of its power in this mode. Practically, the heater does not receive any feedback from the sensor and works completely manually. The next mode, Baby mode, which is the best and safest mode of this bed, when the bed is in Baby mode, the nurse or doctor can determine the baby's body temperature, and the automatic device takes the baby's body temperature from the feedback that Adjusts from the skin sensor. In Baby mode, if the temperature of the baby's body rises one degree above the temperature set by the nurse or doctor, the Over alarm or if it goes down one degree, the Set alarm will sound, and the alarms will not stop until this problem is solved.

A total of 6 alarms have been implemented on this bed, which are: The first alarm is the power alarm, which sounds when there is a power failure or when the power button is set to OFF, and it indicates an electrical problem. The second alarm is the sensor alarm that sounds when the device is working in Baby mode, if the skin sensor has a problem or is disconnected. The third alarm is the set alarm, which sounds if the baby's body temperature is one degree lower than the set temperature. The next alarm is the Over alarm, which, unlike the Set alarm, sounds if the baby's body temperature is one degree higher than the set temperature. The next alarm is the check alarm, which is turned on every 15 minutes in manual mode to check the baby's condition so that the nurse or doctor can check the baby's symptoms. And the last alarm is the heater alarm, which constantly checks the power of the heater, and if there is a problem with the heater power, this alarm sounds to inform the nurse or the user of the failure of the heater.

The bed has a phototherapy light to reduce the baby's jaundice, which has a standard intensity and is completely permeable. After the phototherapy light, another light has been used as an examination light, which is designed for examining the baby.