Sina experts noticed to the feedbacks and constructive criticism of users as well as aftersales services experts several years accumulative experiences of periodic reviews and the universal standards in the design and manufacturing of Atria’s components. Finally, it was produced in Sina factory after various tests such as full load test in factory site quality control laboratory. The material used for production of the especially designed platform Two- ply has created a very smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The capacity to tolerate overweight, possibility of airflow and being shatterproof can be considered as advantages of this product.


Mattress platform is four section, three of them adjustable. Covered with integrated plastic Two - ply surface

Airflow capability under the mattress

Backrest and knee raise and Hi - low adjustments are manually with three freewheeling and foldable screw mechanisms

Smooth height adjustment with help of gas spring damper

Four tuck away plastic sideboards

Angle indicator for backrest

Foot section is adjustable by means of telescopic bracket

Detachable head and foot boards

Washable and disinfectable

Four swivel metal castors with cross brake

Electrostatic powder coating

Rotating IV stand holder

Urine bag holder at both sides


Overall 2180 x 1000 (mm)

Mattress platform 2000 x 900 (mm)

Hi–Low 475-740 (mm)

Backrest angle 0º - 85º

Knee raise angle 0º - 35º

Foot rest angle 0º - 35º

Castors 125 (mm) diameter

Max. load capacity 250 Kg

Bed net weight 133 Kg

Safe working load capacity 170 Kg


ISO 9001

ISO 13485

IEC 60601-2-52

EN ISO 14971

EN ISO 15223-1



IV stand

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