Blood drawing chair
Blood drawing chair


By purchasing the BDC2111211 model BDC2111211 laboratory blood collection chair from Sina Hamdaria Company (the first and largest producer of hospital chairs and beds), you no longer need traditional methods for blood collection. The price of the BDC2111211 model blood sampling chair is different according to the facilities that each factory adds to it and the gender it is used in, but today Sina Hamdaria Company promises you that the best gender is available at the lowest price. buy Because all the products of HamdAria Holding are exported and are produced from the best raw materials and are used in other countries.


Two breakers

Adjustment of the back part (backrest) through the sliding bracket up to 0-90°

Adjustment of the knee part (backrest) through the sliding bracket up to 0-90°

with a fixed base

Foam cushion with MDF chassis and synthetic leather cover

Handles can be adjusted to 6 different modes

Detachable base for easy transport

Epoxy powder coating

Adjustable width through adjustable handles


Overall at chair position 1200 x 700 (mm)

Overall at bed position 1610 x 770 (mm)

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