In order to equip hospital rooms with beautiful beds and also to create a comfortable environment for patients and their nurses, we are trying to design all our products according to modern technology and user needs.

Folding bed

For this purpose, the latest model of patient beds named "Asa" has been designed in the R & D unit. This beautiful product provides a cozy and calm environment in the patient room for nurses and patients. The latest model of folding beds with the ability to change modes for three different applications provides maximum use of space and environment in hospitals.

Folding bed
  • Mattress platform is four sections.
  • Mattress made of polyurethane foam covered with anti-scratch and fire-retardant artificial leather
  • Adjustable in three positions: chair, TV and bed
  • Strengthened plastic arm with artificial leather cover at both sides of the chair
  • Four plastic castors with brake system
  • Back roller bumper
  • Adjusting the back angle with the help of a gas jack
  • In various colors
  • ABS covers
  • Fits the ergonomics of the body
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
ASA Can be used in three modes Chair, TV, bed
Equipped with a recliner system

Overall at chair position 1000 x 765 x 1115 (mm)
Overall at TV position 1480 x 765 x1070 (mm)
Overall at bed position 1700 x 765 x 920 (mm)
Seating area 540 x 520 (mm)
Arm height from mattress platform 260 (mm)
Castors 75 (mm) diameter
Mattress platform height 465 (mm)
Backrest angle 10º - 87º

زاویه زانو 0O
Maximum load capacity 10 KG
Washable and disinfectable
Because of the leather top and ABS covers
beautiful design
and Ergonomics

Equipped with four twin locking wheels with 75 mm quality that can bear weight up to 120 kg.

Can be used in hospitals, clinics, administrative and commercial centers and homes due to its unique efficiency and beauty