Hospina series beds include beds that are mainly used in dialysis and plasma departments. Hospina beds help nurses to take the best care of patients and are designed to increase the comfort of patients.

Hospina Series Dialysis bed

Special dialysis beds are designed to provide special care for the convenience and use of nurses, which significantly increases the patient's comfort and reduces stress and nervous pressure during the treatment period. These beds have the feature of electrical adjustment for Comfort is changing from a chair to a bed and vice versa. It also occupies less space than hospital beds.

Dialysis bed
  • Mattress platform is three section, two of them adjustable
  • Detachable, antistatic mattress with foam of 70(mm) thickness and artificial washable leather cover
  • The sole is made of sheet metal
  • Backrest, knee raise, Rev. Trend and Hi-low adjustments are electrically
  • Four- functional positioning wired handset
  • Arm rest height is fixed.
  • Arm rest left - right movement is accessible through knob
  • Backrest, knee raise, Rev. Trend and Hi-low adjustments are electrically.
  • CPR handle on both sides for flattening backrest rapidly
  • Extendable Foot section (120 mm)
  • ABS cover for protecting electrical set
  • Washable and disinfectable
  • Four castors with central/directional brakes
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • Backup battery
  • IV stand holder at each top corner
  • Dust proof and water resistant IP66
  • Paper roler
More than 2 years warranty for all parts
Hospina Comfort and convenience of the patient
The ability to increase the length of the bed

Hi–Low 580 - 860 (mm) without mattress
Main power supply 220V - 50 Hz, 24 DC
Max. power input 500 watt
Foot rest angle 0º - 60º
Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º
Castors 200 (mm) diameter
Chair net weight 106 Kg
Safe working load capacity 170 Kg

back angle 0O
Maximum load capacity 170 KG
Automatic adjustment of handles with backrest movement
Horizontal rotary motion
ABS base cover
Central locking wheels

With the help of the CPR handles installed on the sides of the bed, it is possible to mechanically return the bed to its original position

The reinforced base of the bed prevents any vibration in its different parts when changing the position of the bed, which leads to the comfort of the patient.

Electric set In accordance with global standards
a pillow under the head for the convenience of the patient Sheet roll holder on the back of the bed, which allows the nurse to easily access disposable sheets