Delivery bed
Delivery bed

Castia DT3101POOE

This kind of bed helps to keep the state of a natural childbirth as healthy as possible. This multifunctional bed due to it's special transformational characteristics provides comfort feeling for pregnant women’s before, during and after delivery. The mother is admitted to the same bed throughout the delivery and early days after childbirth. In this way, many of the problems and discomforts caused by the transfer of mother to stretcher or labor table are resolved.

Features Delivery bed طبیعی مدل Castia DT3101POOE

A breaker

Have a R.Trend mode, Trend ± 15 °

Aluminum rails with butterfly

Has a height change mechanism from 660 mm to 840 mm in mattress mode

Ability to authenticate backrest by electromotor from 0 to 65 degrees

دارای سرتخت و پای تخت پلاستیکی

Washable and disinfectable

Electrostatic powder coating

The 150mm wheels of central pedal lock in the middle are easy to use

Four rubber bumpers at corners

IV stand holder at each corner

Have mattress های 3 تکه با قابلیت جدا شدن که تشک سر و نشیمن بهم
Are clinging.

Tolerance of bed weight up to 250kg

Patient weight tolerance of up to 170 kg

10 -liter steel pelvic

Lithotomy position with rotary clamp on both sides of the bed

Foldable hand grip on both sides

Squat bar

Telescopic section for transformation to delivery and labor bed

Three -engine with control of the patient's box and handset

ST37 sheet covering in the head, living room and stainless steel drawer

ابعاد تخت زایمان طبیعی مدل Castia DT3101POOE

Overall 2160 x 1000 (mm)

Mattress platform 867 x 739 (mm)

Hi–Low 840 - 660 (mm) without Mattress

Trend / Rev. Trend angle +15º / -15º

Backrest angle 0° – 65°

Castors 150 (mm) diameter

Max. load capacity 250 Kg

Bed net weight 125 Kg

Safe working load capacity 170 Kg

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