Asa R6120

In order to equip hospital rooms with beautiful beds and also create a comfortable atmosphere for patient and their caregivers we try to update all our products with modern technology and present new versions. For this reason, at Sina’s R&D department new version of recliner which is called ASA, has been designed. This comfortable and elegant product provides fashionable style and cozy corner for nurses and patient's rooms.

Features تخت تاشو همراه مدل Asa R6120

Mattress platform is four sections.

Adjustable in three positions: chair, TV and bed

Strengthened plastic arm with artificial leather cover at both sides of the chair

Four plastic castors with brake system


Overall at chair position 1000 x 765 x 1115 (mm)

Overall at bed position 1700 x 765 x 920 (mm)

Seating area 540 x 520 (mm)

Arm height from mattress platform 260 (mm)

Backrest angle 10º - 87º

Knee raise angle 0º - 80º

Castors 75 (mm) diameter

Chair net weight 50 Kg

Max. load capacity 120 Kg

Standards Folding bed مدل Asa R6120

ISO 9001

ISO 13485

EN ISO 15223-1

EN ISO 14971


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